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The VNUE Lounge, tucked away in the SoDo district of Seattle, is a state of the art hybrid recording studio/venue that still feels like home. A place for intimate performances, collaboration, and storytelling – the Lively Lounge is the place to celebrate how great performance can look, sound, and feel.

Intimate performances, collaboration, and storytelling

Live performances


Bands in the Bathtub

Don’t take our word for it

"Easy to say that stopping by the Lively Lounge was a highlight of our most recent tour. The Lounge was professional, clean, the staff was welcoming and the sound in there was great! Adding to that, we were stoked to see the final video content and the high quality that it was."

− Kiven

"Playing at the Lively Lounge was everything an artist hopes for - great sound, great people who are fun and super accommodating, and a cool, vibey environment. For the icing on the cake? Throw in the fact that the artist has live audio and video to share with fans immediately after the show. Not only do I hope to play another show with Lively in the future, but I will be using the app to listen to and watch some of my favorite artists and to discover new music."

− Tess Henley

"Working with the Lively people has been out of this world. They knew so much about us before we even got on a phone call with them. Any ideas we threw at them; playing a private show, filming it, releasing it as an encore, filming our full show and releasing that for free, Lively was on board. That is the difference, they are company made of artists. The fact that they can do a three-camera shoot, edit the audio and video, and release it in less than a week, that is art. They aren’t afraid of new challenges, and that is why we are happy to be working on future projects with them. I would stay tuned to these guys and gals. The stuff that they are coming up with is nothing to sleep on."

− The Fall of Troy

11,000 square feet of awesome


Check out the specs

Main Stage Specs

Interchangeable 4×8 panels at 1’6” high
Can be setup in these dimensions:

8’x8’ 8’x12’ 8’x16’ 8’x24’ 8’x20’ 12’x16’ 16’x16’
Lounge Stage Specs:
1’4” high x 18’9” wide x 14’3” deep


Drums – DW Collector
Kick Drum – 22 x 18”
Rack Tom – 10 x 9”
Rack Tom – 12 x 9”
Floor Tom – 14 x 14”
Floor Tom – 16 x 14”
Snares – Mlasko
Mlasko Custom Brass
Mlasko Custom Maple
Drum Hardware – DW 9000-Series
Kick Pedal – DW 9000 Single Pedal
Hi-Hat Stand – DW 9600 Double-Brace
Cymbal Stands – DW 9700 Adjustable Boom/Straight
Dual Tom Mount Stand – DW 9900 Heavy Duty
Drum Throne – DW Heavy Duty Airlift
Snare Stand – DW Heavy Duty Airlift
Cymbals – Zildjian A & K Series
Hi-Hats – 14” Zildjian K Custom Dark
Crash Cymbal – 16” Zildjian K Dark Thin
Crash Cymbal – 18” Zildjian A Custom Medium
Ride Cymbal – 22” Zildjian K Custom Dark
Guitars & Guitar Amps – Fender, Verellen
Fender Telecaster – American Standard
Verellen Custom Combo – “Fender Twin Reverb” Copy
Verellen Custom Combo – “Vox AC30” Copy
Verellen Custom Head/Cab – “Marshall JCM900” Copy
Basses & Bass Amps – Fender, Ampeg
Fender P-Bass – American Standard
Ampeg Head – Heritage SVT-CL
Ampeg Cab – SVT-810E
Keyboards – Nord
Nord 88 Key – Stage 2 w/ Sustain Pedal & Legs


Front of House – Avid, Meyer, QSC, etc.
Avid Profile Console – Venue Pack 4 Plug-In Suite
Avid Mix Rack – XLR In: 48 // XLR Out: 16, TRS In: 8 // TRS Out: 8
Meyer UPQ-1P – FOH Mains
Meyer Sub (Model?) – FOH Sub
Meyer Galileo 408 – Speaker Distribution System
QSC K10 – Powered Floor Monitor
Microphones & DI Boxes – Neumann, Royer, AKG, Shure, Sennheiser, etc.
Neumann TLM103 – Lrg Diaphragm Condenser
Neumann KM184 – Sml Diaphragm Condenser
Royer R121 – Active Ribbon
AKG C414 – Lrg Diaphragm Condenser
Shure SM58 – Dynamic
Shure SM57 – Dynamic
Shure SM7B – Dynamic
Telefunken M80 – Dynamic
Sennheiser e609 – Dynamic
Sennheiser e602 – Dynamic
Sennheiser MD421 – Dynamic
Audix f6 – Dynamic
Audix f2 – Dynamic
Audix i5 – Dynamic
Audix f9 – Sml Diaphragm Condenser
Radial J48 – Active DI
Radial JDV – Active Super DI
Radial JPC – Active Stereo DI
Recording Studio – Apple, Avid, Apogee, API, Empirical Labs, Meyer, etc.
Apple MacBook Pro – 2013 Retina Model, 16gb ram, 1tb hd, 2.3 quad-core
Avid C|24 – Console
Avid HD I/O Interface – 16×16 Analog
Avid Thunderbolt Interface
Apogee Big Ben – Digital Clock
API 2500 – Bus Compressor
Empirical Labs Distressor – Compressor
Meyer HD1 Studio Monitor – Near-Field Reference Monitor
Sennheiser HD280 – Studio Headphones
Monster Pro3500 Power Conditioner

Download the specs

Like what you see? Download the Lively Lounge specs document for your printing and viewing pleasure.

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