Hey there – my name is Austin.

I’m Lively’s new mascot, and I was named for the city where they found me (or did I find them? Remains to be seen). I was walking around during SXSW, looking for a new place to call home, and ran across a motley crew of people. They told me they were with Lively, an app that gives fans the chance to relive their favorite shows with great audio and video. I don’t have thumbs, so the app was no good to me, but I could tell they needed someone to tag along and tell their story. Not to mention I wanted to see some of my favorite bands (I’m a huge Aloe Blacc fan).

Well I loved them all so much I decided to move to Seattle to be a part of the team. I’m going to tell you about our first week together at SXSW, and I bet you’ll end up loving them just as much as I do.

Watch the SXSW Sizzle Reel

We loved Austin and SXSW; it was a time when we saw how far we could go, and how far we had already come. Take a look at that crazy week, and get a taste for how it’s shaping our future.

Wednesday, March 12

PledgeMusic Presents #PMAVillage Showcase

The Lively team was out the door early in the morning to record the Pledge Music Showcase at the Blackheart!


Meanwhile, at the Lively Manor

I wanted to go to #PMAVillage, but everyone wanted me to be the ambassador as people showed up for the pool party at the Lively Manor.


SXNW Pool Party at the Lively Manor

You can be in two places at once, like I couldn’t, by downloading both the showcases. The party went all day and into the night, with water gun fights, and amazing shows highlighted by the valley behind the stage.


Thursday, March 13

Let’s do this

With the team a little tired, I knew I’d have to give them a boost of energy on the way to the showcases that day.


Universal Music Group Experience ’14 Showcase

It was the first day of the Universal Music Group Showcase at the Palm Door, where we interviewed a bunch of our favorite artists, recorded some of the best sets, and met some of the nicest people.


Hide & Seek 2 Showcase

We were back to the Blackheart for Hide and Seek, a showcase put on by MTheory. In a quiet backyard, everyone got loud and rowdy.


Sony Heart of Austin Showcase

Last but not least we kicked off day one of the Sony Heart of Austin showcase at Hangar Lounge and Market, where the bands played on the roof, raining sound on the streets below.


Calm before the storm

Were we tired at the end of it? Yes. But I still got some snuggles before bedtime.


Friday, March 14

Lively and INgrooves Present Relive Austin Showcase

This was a big day. We were putting on our very own showcase with INgrooves! It was at Buffalo Billiards, a bar, and since I’m not 21 I couldn’t go. So mad about it, too, because one of my favorite iconic artists, Gary Numan, played.


Universal Music Group Experience ’14 Showcase: Day 2

It was also the second day of the UMG Experience showcase! We all got our second wind. The team got their second wind from coffee and the amazing shows that they were recording. I got mine from treats and snuggles.


Sony Heart of Austin Showcase: Day 2

Sony’s Heart of Austin kept the beat going on the second day, and once more I wasn’t allowed because it was a bar and why are people so uptight about puppies in bars?? But I listened to it and watched it in the app, so I’m not too mad.


Cherrytree Records Keep Pop Weird Showcase

And finally, a surprise! Last minute we got to record Cherrytree Records’ Keep Pop Weird showcase. It was a very secretive thing, so to get in on it, you’ll just have to download it for yourself.



Boy what a day. What a week. I had to find my quiet place to unwind.


Saturday, March 15

Saying goodbye

Lively started this week with a dream and a plan, and I started this week without a home. We both got exactly what we wanted. After we packed up everything, and drove away, we realized this is exactly the kind of experience we want to relive. Luckily, we all can. Now who needs a drink?


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